Posted on: November 17, 2008 1:57 pm

Week 11 B.S.

Let' start right at the heart of the matter, Pittsburgh / Chargers. 1. In my match i have Willie Parker my opponent has Troy Polamalu. Can you see where this is going? Willie Parker scores a TD in the last drive. A nonsense holding penalty unrelated to the play brings it back and I lose 6 points. A field goal instead and then the last play by the chargers results in a fumble recovery and TD for who else, Troy Polamalu +8. (who had a very questionable INT for +3 earlier in the game.) A net negative of 14 points in 20 seconds of play. But then the refs erase the TD by making the WRONG CALL. Who knows how this will turn out as the league steps in and Stats correct. 2. I have the Ravens DST and my opponent has the Giants DST. Joe Flacco throws a ball right at Derrick Mason who watches it go right through his hands and bounce off his helmet directly in the hands of Giants defender Aaron Ross for an INT and return for a 50 yard TD. 8 points for the Giants DST and 2 points off the Ravens DST. (net negative of 10 in 8 seconds) 3. I have Roddy White & Jay Cutler, opponent has Michael Turner. Roddy White drops a easy 50 yard TD pass at the end of the game which would have put ATL ahead and force Cutler to come out passing instead of the Broncos running the ball to kill the clock. Plus i had Jason Elam and would have gotten the XP. a loss of 12 points in 5 seconds. 4. I know Vikings play in a dome, but they are a cold weather team, AP gets only 85 yards in the sun against Tampa. Chargers are a warm weather team that never sees rain. LT totals 95 yards and a TD against PITT in the snow. 5. I actually had Dwayne Bowe playing and he finally scored 2 TDs. BS in my favor. But Reggie Wayne and Roddy White and AP and Matt Forte get no TDs. 6. The "so-called big Packers-Bears rivalry". Pack wins 37-3 My opponent had Mason Crosby who got 15 points and Forte only gets 10 points against the "so-called" porous Green Bay run defense. 7. The Kurt Warner to Anquan Boldin bullsh*t. How can you not stop a team that only passes the ball? This has just got to stop! The Cardinals cannot run the ball and somehow this team continues to pass for well over 300 yards every game and Warner seemingly only throws TDs to Boldin. The AFC west is a garbage division and all this is doing is skewing fantasy points. 186 yards for Boldin and 150 yards for Fitzgerald in the same game is ridiculous. Every elite receiver has a few down weeks or alternates. But Boldin has not had 1 down week. WHAT B.S. DID YOU SEE AND SMELL THIS WEEK?

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